Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cleveland set for title run

Cleveland just got a lot better. ; ; They traded Zydranus Ilgauskas and his 11million dollar expiring contract to Washington for Antwain Jamison who has the same salary. ; ; ; ; ; This adds a power scorer to the lineup while giving up nothing. ; Anderson Varejo has been the backup at both power forward and center. This will continue. ; Hickson's minutes may decrease, but he is still developing so that is ok. ; The first pick won't matter if they win the title. ; ; ; ; ; ; Also acquired is Sebastian Telfair an up and down career since joining the NBA. ; They have point guard injuries so that is an added bonus.

Washington continues to dump salary by trading for Ilgauskas. His 11 mil is the same as Jamison's but expires this year. ; They also unloaded Drew Gooden whom they acquired from Dallas last week. ; Washington gets Al Thornton who is young and improving. ;

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