Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Denny's: MSU vs. UConn Preview

The Michigan State Spartans essentially have home court advantage against the uconn Huskies. Jason Horowitz, Bill Raftery, and Steve Lappas discuss whether it will be enough for the Spartans to win.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michigan St. vs. UNC Preview

Jason Horowitz is joined by Steve Lappas and Drexel Head Coach Bruiser Flint as they preview tonight's NCAA Men's Championship final between Michigan State and North Carolina.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Frontcourt Battle: Michigan State vs. UNC

It could be a bruising affair down low as Goran Suton and the Spartans battle Tyler Hansbrough and the Tar Heels. Jason Horowitz, Steve Lappas, and Bruiser Flint break down the frontcourt battle.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Disappointing Finals

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote and published my first blog in this here forum of journalistic excellence and opinionated sports debate. I recounted the pitfalls of a thoroughly disappointing Lakers-Celtics Finals, one that should have been steeped in drama, history and haymakers but was instead hampered by flops, bricks, and poor decision-making. I find it fitting to sit here on this most unceremonious of anniversaries (does anyone still read this? if you’re out there, send money) and begrudgingly opine on yet another, equally disappointing Finals. ;

The Lakers thoroughly shellacked the Magic the other night to seal their 15th championship and catapult Phil Jackson, that opportunist of opportunists, past Red Auerbach on the all-time, championship list. ;I’d be remiss not to briefly point out what an insufferable pickle-eater Jackson is. The guy carved a hall of fame career by loitering around the likes of Michael, Shaq and Kobe (a trio you’d have to think a blind donkey could coach to some degree of success) and he rewards himself with a self-indulgent yellow cap, highlighted with a Roman numeral “X”. God..

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Plays of the Night: Midwest & South Finals

Louisville, Michigan State, Oklahoma, and North Carolina wowed fans across the country with some spectacular plays. Watch some of the key moments from the Midwest and South finals here.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Forget Jordan Lets Compare Kobe to Jesus

Even in victory, Kobe Bryant can't win.

In the days immediately following the Los Angeles Lakers' clinching of the 2008-09 NBA championship, two columnists were all to eager to try to undermine their accomplishments.

One writer said he couldn't be happy for the Lakers because winning does not make unlikable athletes likable. This is the same writer that gets paid to bash the Lakers if he so chooses, and he chooses often enough.

Another writer complained that L.A.'s post-championship celebration didn't appear genuine because he didn't think Bryant's teammates truly like him. This from an admitted Boston Celtics fan.

Yeah, and Kevin Garnett's "Anything Is Possible!" roar in the postgame celebration of last year's Boston title was completely spontaneous and had nothing to do with adidas' slogan, "Impossible Is Nothing."

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Michigan State vs. UNC Highlights

Just like the last matchup between the two schools in December, North Carolina dominated Michigan State from start to finish at Ford Field, winning its fifth NCAA Tournament.
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Backcourt Battle: MSU vs. UNC

The Michigan State Spartans could have their hands full with a potent UNC backcourt. Jason Horowitz, Steve Lappas, and Norm Roberts break down the battle of the backcourt.
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Draft Preview What do the Knicks need at the No 8 spot

Knicks great, and current assistant to the President of Basketball Operations, Allan Houston represented the Knicks on draft day, and brought along a special lucky charm –– Mr. October himself, Reggie Jackson.

Although grabbing the eighth spot wasn't as high as they would have hoped, the spot isn't bad at all, especially with the talent at the guard position in the pool.

And if history proves itself again, just like it has oh so many times, the eighth spot is golden. Since 1985, current NBA stars drafted eighth include Andre Miller, T.J. Ford, Rudy Gay, former Knicks Jamal Crawford, current Knicks Larry Hughes and Chris Wilcox. Former player, Vin Baker, who was also taken at No. 8, was an All-Star with the Milwaukee Bucks in 1993.

While Knicks GM Donnie Walsh is confident that the Knicks will get a starting-caliber player, recent history has suggested against it. In the last five drafts, the No. 8 selection has been: Joe Alexander, Brandan Wright, Rudy Gay, Channing Frye (Knicks draft pick) and Rafael Araujo. There are no All-Stars among that group, while only Gay is a starter.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

High Flyer of the Night: Michigan State's Durrell Summers

Not even Stanley Robinson can stand in the way of Michigan State's Durrell Summers as the Spartan takes it to the hole with authority.
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Denny's: Villanova vs. UNC Preview

Jason Horowitz is joined by Bill Raftery and Steve Lappas as they preview the Villanova Wildcats taking on the North Carolina Tar Heels.
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Ranking the Top 5 Los Angeles Laker Championship Teams

Trying to separate the five best Los Angeles Laker championship teams (sorry, Minneapolis, I'm putting your rings aside because I have no concept of the NBA in its infancy) is kind of like the Octomom trying to pick her five favorite among her 14 children.

Oh, wait. I probably treasure the 10 L.A. titles more.

First, a tip of the cap to the current Purple and Gold, who won the franchise's 15th overall (and 10th in L.A., obviously) with their 99-86 victory over the worthy Orlando Magic on Sunday night for a 4-1 series triumph.

It was good to see this edition make good on its vow that it needed to be tested to bring out its best. Seven losses, including three to the pesky Houston Rockets, certainly toughened the Lakers.

But does the latest title even make the Lakers' top five?

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Villanova vs. North Carolina Highlights

North Carolina took care of Villanova 83-69 in the second semifinal to set up a 2005 Final Four rematch with Michigan State, this time for the National Championship on Monday night.
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