Thursday, October 22, 2009

Knicks preseason so far

So far it looks a lot like last year. ; Who knows who is going to play and how well they will do. ; Sounds a lot like a Dr. Seuss title. There is one thing that looks like it will be consistent and that is David Lee. ; He looks like he will do a double double most every night. ; Draft picks Toney Douglas and Jordan Hill have looked like rookies. ; They don't look like they will add much fire power early on. ; But, they are young and need time to develop. ; Wilson Chandler looks like he will start and probably have the second most amount of ; minutes this year. ; Who will be the leading scorer? ; Lee might score the most points at season's end without ever being the leading scorer in a game. ; Nate Robinson has his moments as does Al Harrington and Larry Hughes. ; But, they also can lay goose eggs the next night.

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