Friday, October 23, 2009

Tear Brings Ominous Atmosphere to Iverson Era in Memphis

It's not surprising that Allen Iverson is going to dominate nearly every headline involving the Memphis Grizzlies ;this season. ; Unfortunately, one of the first significant headlines about The Answer is that he is going to be sidelined for at least a couple of weeks after tearing a hamstring prior to the Grizzlies' win over Oklahoma City on Wednesday.

Now, Iverson is getting up there in terms of age, so his body is undoubtedly closer to breaking down than, say, O.J. Mayo's. ; That being said, the main cause of hamstring injuries is inactivity. When you don't warm up or keep your body in top shape before practice or a game, you risk pulling muscles. ; Since AI has been out of action for a while after being benched in Detroit, he spent the offseason trying to latch on anywhere he could. ; If he was so intent on getting a free-agent deal done, you would think he would have been working out in his spare time to keep his conditioning at an appropriate level. ; Of course, he knows that, so this could just be a freak early-season injury. ; The Grizzlies can only hope there aren't any lingering effects of this injury as the season progresses.

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