Thursday, May 6, 2010

Big Week for the Thunder

Losing to Indiana last night was tough. ; If they had one last night, they would be tied for the 5th seed with Phoenix and 2 games ahead of 7th in front of San Antonio. ; But, that didn't happen. ; All is not lost, it just makes this week more difficult. ; Tonight they are at home against the Spurs. ; They have a one game lead over them. ; A loss tonight would put the Thunder in 7th. ; A win would keep them in 6th and put 2 games between them and San Antonio and more breathing room going into the last 14 games.

The Thunder play the Spurs, the Lakers, Houston, and Portland. Going 2-2 would be fine. ; That would keep them in the playoffs and still have a shot at a good seed. Anything above that would be great. Anything below that would put them in danger of falling to the 8th seed. ; It all starts tonight with San Antonio. ;

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