Monday, May 3, 2010

Can Detriot Get Back To Championship Form

Can the Detroit Pistons ever get back to the way they use to be? My anserw is yes! How can they do that, it starts with the guards. With the championship team the Pistons had three guards that could defend and shoot. Now they have five gaurds and only two of which can defend and one that is getting old (Hamilton). They have to draft a young point guard that is a true point guard and work on Stuckey at the two spot. Or even make a trade for rookie sensation Collison who is going to want a starting job and won't find one in New Orleans. We have some guys down low that can last for ;a run to the playoffs next year but with Ben Gordon taking crazy shots and ;no point guard they don't have a chance next season. you trade Ben Gordon to the Hornets for Collison and ;they have a point

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