Friday, June 19, 2009

Ranking the Top 5 Los Angeles Laker Championship Teams

Trying to separate the five best Los Angeles Laker championship teams (sorry, Minneapolis, I'm putting your rings aside because I have no concept of the NBA in its infancy) is kind of like the Octomom trying to pick her five favorite among her 14 children.

Oh, wait. I probably treasure the 10 L.A. titles more.

First, a tip of the cap to the current Purple and Gold, who won the franchise's 15th overall (and 10th in L.A., obviously) with their 99-86 victory over the worthy Orlando Magic on Sunday night for a 4-1 series triumph.

It was good to see this edition make good on its vow that it needed to be tested to bring out its best. Seven losses, including three to the pesky Houston Rockets, certainly toughened the Lakers.

But does the latest title even make the Lakers' top five?

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