Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Forget Jordan Lets Compare Kobe to Jesus

Even in victory, Kobe Bryant can't win.

In the days immediately following the Los Angeles Lakers' clinching of the 2008-09 NBA championship, two columnists were all to eager to try to undermine their accomplishments.

One writer said he couldn't be happy for the Lakers because winning does not make unlikable athletes likable. This is the same writer that gets paid to bash the Lakers if he so chooses, and he chooses often enough.

Another writer complained that L.A.'s post-championship celebration didn't appear genuine because he didn't think Bryant's teammates truly like him. This from an admitted Boston Celtics fan.

Yeah, and Kevin Garnett's "Anything Is Possible!" roar in the postgame celebration of last year's Boston title was completely spontaneous and had nothing to do with adidas' slogan, "Impossible Is Nothing."

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