Friday, December 11, 2009

The Answer Returns

The Answer Returns!


It was crazy to see how emotional AI was over his recent signing with the Philadelphia 76ers. ; It truly touched my heart. ; But this isn’t just a sentimental acquisition. The Sixers could really benefit from bring back The Answer….


This is a young team with potential that could use a strong veteran presence such as Iverson. ; He will bring instant credibility to a 5-14 Sixers team that is need of a spark. ; Jrue Holliday (the Sixers 1st round pick this year) needs to absorb as much as he can from the iconic Iverson. ; Iverson should move into a starting role, which is what he was looking for and what he deserved. ; I want Iverson to win a championship just like a lot of other basketball fans but not at the cost of his dignity. ; Do you really want this guy to come off the bench just to win a title? ; This is not Daryl Armstrong. ; This is not Tyron Lue. ; This is not Derek Fisher. ; This is Allen “Motherf&^*^)” Iverson, son! ; The Answer! ; This dude had one of the most popular shoes in NBA history. ; He is the master of the “

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