Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pistons youre TAY-ring up my heart

After 6 consecutive losses and a 5-10 record so far, will the Pistons be able to come back?

A big question in mind is that if Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton were playing, would the number of losses be less than it is right now. It's a very hypothetical question because the chemistry of the team would be completely different. If we look at the team we have playing now, they started off strong, became shaky, and now are losing to every team they play.The losses haven't even been by a landslide. It's not the skill level that's not sufficient, but the little things in the game. That free throw someone missed, that rebound someone could have got, or lack of full effort all 48 minutes are what caused the losses.

Every game is an opportunity to redeem themselves because there isn't a team out there that is impossible to beat. It's about how badly the Pistons want that win. They have the potential and all the components to be a threat to every other team in the league; they just haven't shown it yet. Come on, Pistons! Let's see some passion out on the court and some wins, because quite frankly all these losses are tearing up my heart.

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