Friday, December 4, 2009

Knicks Blow Out Best Team in NBA 12-1-09

…and we know you don’t care. ; This team is not going to trick me into watching it this year. ; However, I have decided that I will check in on them, as one would check in on an ailing old friend. ; They looked pretty good tonight, beating the Phoenix Suns, 126-99. ; I’ll just give my critique of Gallinari’s play, since I know the Knicks arent doing anything this year, and Gallo’s one of the few players I know will be around next year. ;


The Knicks and Suns entered the game with records that were the complete inverse of each other (3-14 to 14-3). ; Gallinari looked particularly focused on this day, starting the game with a quick dunk, and a reverse layup. ; After that his shot was on target the whole night. ; In addition, his passing and his defense were excellent. ; He never forces anything. ;

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