Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Playoff Knicks

With the Knicks victory over Chicago last night, they pulled to a half game of the playoffs.

David Lee put fourth another solid performance in 18 points and 21 rebounds, along with 5 assists. ;

Gallinari had a terrible night shooting, but still managed 7 rebounds, 3 assissts and 3 blocks. ;

Duhon and Chandler didn't put up spectacular numbers but had solid performances. ; Jarred Jeffries also played well.

Al Harrington also added 20 points off the bench and is bidding for 6th man of the year award.

That is a group that is getting better as the season goes along. ; If they can get anything positive from Larry Hughes, Nate Robinson, and/or Eddie Curry, they will be in great shape. ; Those players may be traded, but it could be a hard go in finding takers. ; Rookies Toney Douglas and Jordan Hill have been early dissappointments, but they are young and will grow.

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