Monday, January 25, 2010

Thunder beat Pacers

Last night, the Thunder beat the Pacers, keeping the 8th spot in the playoffs. ; ;

OKC only trailed once 37-36. But, that lasted for less than a minute. ; They built an 18 point lead in the third quarter. ; Then, Troy Murphy went on a little run and cut it to 10 at quarter's end. Then, they managed to tie it in the 4th. ; But, Durant couldn't be stopped and there were no second chances for the Pacers.

The offense never seemed to get going. ; When Durant was in the game, the offense scored of course. ; But, there still wasnt a flow at times. ; ; The Thunder would be a lead and then substitute and the lead would start to erase. ; Brooks is doing a good job of getting his players experience when he can. ; Maynor played quite a bit at times. ; He looks like a rookie. He went 0 for 3 from the floor. ; All three shots were really turn overs. ; He would penetrate and have no where to go or pass it so he shot it. ; He is going to be a good player, but he just isnt there yet. ; He needs playing time and experience which is what Brooks is giving him. ; I don't know if he will be ready when playoff time comes. ;

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