Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Draft Picks Are the Lakers Insane or Playing smart

The draft picks for last week were not only astonishing but the opposite of what the general public expected. The ;Laker's draft picks ;were ; ; at the bottom of pile to say the least. Not to mention the only player that was chosen ;who is unknown to say the least was foreigner name Chinemelu ;Elonu. I as well as fans were in complete shock when his name was actually mention in the second round of the draft picks. He seems to be a force to be reckoned with because his 235 pounds of strength and height of 6-10' inches. One could make the assumption that he may replace Shaq and be highly correct. Overall the picks this year for the ;Laker's were not inevitable but unpredictable. Yet, with stars such as Kobe Bryant still on their side they may not need anymore help adding another ring on their fingers. It only goes to show when in Rome do what the Romans do and when it comes to the ;Lakers recruiting star players isn't their main objective, winning always is.

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