Sunday, July 5, 2009

NBA Champions

With the top 4 teams in the league last year making ALL the big moves so far this off-season(Boston excluded so far because they haven't signed sheed yet, but they will be getting a healthy Garnett back so it's like they made a big move), ; is it too much to ask to skip the next regular season and just have a 4 team playoff for the championship?! ; Seriously.... ; ; ; ; ; and I don't want to hear anything about the Spurs or the Nuggets. ; Jefferson is a mediocre pick-up at best and the nuggets were just a flash in the pan, "Oh my gosh Billups is from here!!!!", team last year. ; The team that will have an honorable mention next year will actually be the Blazers, but that's it. ; I know no one wants to suffer through the Cavs, Magic, Lakers

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