Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Malaise Probably Led To Coach K Rumors

When reports came out last week that Coach ;Mike Kryzewski ;was possibly considering leaving Duke to take over Lakers if Phil Jackson retires, few could really take it seriously. It was serious enough that Coach K addressed it at his summer press conference last week though, but I doubt anyone thought the Duke of Duke would abdicate his NCAA throne for one in the NBA.

But you can't blame bloggers and media types for trying. I am sure Coach K's name came up as a possible candidate in some brief conversation but the fact that it has been reported is more a product of the time of year rather than the actually likelihood that it would happen.

In the sports world, we are in the certified doldrums of the year. The NBA Finals are done, baseball is only halfway through its marathon season and NFL training camps are still about a month away. What is a sports writer/blogger to do? Of course the Laker story and Phil Jackson have made some entertaining reading so far. Jackson floats a coaching only at home scenario (maybe Jackson could coach via Twitter while sitting at home in his recliner watching the game on a big screen tv). The signing of Ron Artest has added new drama with his love for Kobe. Why not throw Coach K in there?

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