Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On a seperate noteCavs trade makes Heats chances in the East alot Better

Whats up everybody. Well this is my first blog for Miami's finest and brightest, the Heat. And although we're in the off-season right now, there are sill alot of happenings going on, alot of teams wheeling and dealing to get themselves that much closer to lifting the trophy next year. One of those teams making moves recently was the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now, why would I be talking about the Cavs on a Heat blog? Well it looks like the Cavs went and traded for former Heat Center Shaquille O'Neal, aka Shaqovic, the Big Aristotle himself.

Now if I remember right, the news of this trade came out on the same day as the news of the shocking and unfortunate death of Michael Jackson. And to be honest, I don't know which news was more shocking and disappointing to me. Why the hell would the Cavs trade for Shaq?? Lets be honest now, Shaq's not a young guy anymore. His athleticism is all but gone. His minutes are way down. Hell, he can barely run down court to get back on D in time. Last year the Cavs had one of the NBA's best defences. Shaq can't play D anymore. And how about his O? If you remember, the Cavs were famous for their dazzling fastbreaks last year. Well kiss that goodbye with Shaq next year. In fact, the Cavs had some really great chemistry last year, they played a very dynamic style of basketball and they always had a sense of where the open teammate was for an easy score. Alot of that dynamic play is going to be lost with big bulky Shaq asking for the ball down in the post.

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