Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Suns Rumors and off-season moves

Grant Hill Rumors

Grant Hill met with Doc Rivers over the weekend and according to Comcast Sports Net ( http://www.csnne.com/wickedgoodsports/rasheed-is-a-celtic/ ) he is expected to agree to a deal with the Boston Celtics before the week is over. The Suns have been actively pursuing free agent Grant Hill but it is rumored he wants to play with a championship contending team for his final season. Grant Hill has been a stand up guy with the Suns, a great locker room guy, and the most consistent defender on the Suns team. For the first time in many years he was able to play all 82 games last season and put up career numbers.


Ben Wallace Rumors

Ben Wallace was the main piece brought over from the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Shaquille O’Neal trade. The main reason Ben Wallace was acquired is because it was rumored that after not seeing much court time last season and his trouble with injuries that he would accept a buyout of his contract or retire which could save the Suns a considerable amount of money. Since Wallace has been acquired by the Suns there has been little to zero talk about what the plan is for him.

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