Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pietrus the new starting forward

Now, let me start off by saying ;Mickael Pietrus astonished me in the playoffs this year. After seeing what talent he has, I'm an avid fan of Pietrus. However, with Turk gone, will Pietrus be starting? This is a huge gamble for Otis Smith to make. Although Pietrus was beyond brilliant in the playoffs, his numbers in the regular season were mediocre at best. Can he really start? Well, after seeing what this guy is made of, I would put him in the starting position as well. I mean, during the playoffs the guy made some crazy shots! Some that even ;Lebron should be jealous of. And, I see tons of ;talent in the guy, that's just begging to come out. ;He's always becoming a better player. ;If he could just work on his playmaking skills, I can't see any reason why Pietrus won't be a great starter. He’s already proven that he’s a great defender, that he can hit corner threes and get the ball to the rim, drawing fouls. And, I honestly love the guy! He's so laid back all the time just kidding around and laughing. I'm just crossing my fingers right now, that "Frenchy" is the right fit for the starting line up.

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