Wednesday, July 15, 2009

TSP Venue Reviews TD Banknorth Garden

One of us took a trip to the TD Banknorth Garden Sunday to take in the game between the Spurs and Celtics. The game took a familiar NBA tone, boring first 2 1/2 quarters followed by an intense final 18 minutes. As discussed in the Roundup the Celtics ended up winning by 8, however the game felt like it was missing something with Kevin Garnett out for the Celtics and Tony Parker missing from the Spurs.

As for the entire fan experience, it had its peaks and valleys. First of all, the parking situation was convenient and cheap compared to other big cities I have attended games in, we only paid $10 to park!! We had to walk about a 1/2 mile to the arena, but walking through the picturesque Boston Common, City Hall section of the city was well worth the trek. Something about walking in Boston makes me feel smarter, not sure why it just does. Me and the group I was with stopped at a sports bar right across from the arena named The Harp. Looking to get a quick burger and drink before the 1pm start of the game, we were surprised to find out that the bar did not serve alcohol until Noon!! Other then that the place was great and I bought a burger and a beer (Blue Moon) for $15.00, not bad at all.

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