Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jerebko heats up like a hot Summers Daye

Leading into this years Las Vegas Summer League, post-draft whimpers continued to echo through the alleys of Detroit. Poverty stricken Piston fans were still baffled by yet another night of head scratching picks.

Too thin, too short and too...who in gods name is this white kid from Sweden? Why didn't we move up to get Earl Clark? Why didn't we pick up Ty Lawson? Why won't Joe just listen to us fans for once?

Well, if this week's Summer League performances are any indication of how these three young forwards will play in the NBA, the future is bright and Joe D has pulled off the impossible. He found three diamonds in the rough of a weak draft.

It's obvious to this Detroit fan that the new threesome has gelled, proving that Mr. Dumars was a draft hero - not a zero.

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